OTHER-H1B (not_listed_elsewhere)

$69.00 $49.00

1 Year access to H-1B employers in domains not covered elsewhere such as ADMIN-H1B, BUSI-H1B, IT-H1B, etc.)


OTHER-H1B Online Database (OTHER Specialty Occupations as listed below)
Occupations In Economics, Occupations In Political Science, Occupations In History, Occupations In Sociology, Occupations In Anthropology, Other Occupations In Social Sciences, Librarians, Archivists, Museum Curators And Related Occupations,  Other Occupations In Museum, Library, And Archival Sciences,Lawyers,Judges, Other Occupations In Law And Jurisprudence, Clergy, Other Occupations In Religion And Theology, Commercial Artists: Designers And Illustrators, Graphic Arts, Environmental, Product, And Related Designers, Other Occupations In Art, Occupations In Music, Other Occupations In Entertainment And Recreation, Occupations In Social And Welfare Work, Miscellaneous Professional, Technical, And Managerial Occupations, Sales Promotion Occupations, Fashion Models.

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