Name Country From Country Currently In Qualifications Specialization
A.P USA USA BS Commercial Procurement Manager
A.B USA USA MS Sales assistant
A.K.V India India B. Pharmacy Pharmacist
A.M.L India Saudi Arabia MS Chemistry
A.P.H Canada UK MS Software Engineering
A.R Pakistan Pakistan MS Database Administrator
A.S India India BS IT Systems Analyst
B.O USA USA MBA Tax Specialist
B.R India Dubai MS Consultant
C.T.E Philippines Philippines BS Information Technology
C.W USA USA Certificate of Financial Planning Financial Planning Manager
D.D ITALY USA BS (Honors ) Branch Manager
E.I USA USA BA (Honors) French Administrator
G.M U.K U.K Diploma in Marketing Marketing Services Executive
H.G Austria Austria BS Geography
H.Z USA USA MS Occupational Therapy
I.I.A Nigeria Nigeria BS (Honors) Systems Engineer
J.M India USA BS Animation and Visual Effects
J.P India India MS (Computer Applications) Software Engineer
J.P China USA Ph.D. Student
J.W UK UK MS Education Teacher
K.S USA Japan MBA Product Director
L.P El Salvador El Salvador BS Engineering Industrial Engineering
M.R USA USA BS Lead Security Officer
O.E USA USA Bachelor of Law Legal Counsel
R.C UK UK Executive Diploma in Management Studies Business Development
R.P India India MS (Computer Applications) Software Engineer
R.P.P USA USA MS Attorney, International Business and Trade Law
R.S India India BS (Mechanical) Engineer
RD TAIWAN USA MS Electrical Engineering
S.C.I Nigeria Nigeria MS Senior Engineer
S.G India USA Bachelor of Engineering Systems Engineer
S.KS USA USA BS Private/Hospitality Management
S.M India USA MS RF Engineer
S.P India India BS Engineer For Helpdesk Management
S.T U.K U.K BS Specialist Consultant
U.J.D India India BS Application Packager