ADMIN-H1B Online Database (Administrative Specializations)
 Accountants, Auditors, And Related Occupations, Budget And Management Systems Analysis Occupations, Purchasing Management Occupations,  Sales And Distribution Management Occupations, Advertising Management Occupations, Public Relations Management Occupations,  Personnel Administration Occupations,Inspectors And Investigators, Managerial And Public Service,Other Occupations In Administrative Occupations
BUSI-H1B Online Database (Business Management & Administration Occupations)
Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing Industry Managers And Officials,Mining Industry Managers And Officials,Construction Industry Managers And Officials,  Manufacturing Industry Managers And Officials, Transportation, Communication, And Utilities Industry Managers And Officials, Wholesale And Retail Trade Managers And Officials,Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate Managers And Officials
 Service Industry Managers And Officials,Public Administration Managers And Officials, Miscellaneous Managers And Officials
IT-H1B Online Database (Computer Science & IT, and Telecom Occupations)
 Occupations In Systems Analysis And Programming,Occupations In Data Communications And Networks,Occupations In Computer System User Support,Occupations In Computer System Technical Support, Other Computer-Related Occupations
ENGR-H1B Online Database (Occupations In Architecture, Engineering, And Surveying)
Architectural Occupations, Aeronautical Engineering Occupations,Electrical/ Electronics Engineering Occupations,Civil Engineering Occupations, Ceramic Engineering Occupations,Mechanical Engineering Occupations,Chemical Engineering Occupations, Mining And Petroleum Engineering Occupations, Metallurgy And Metallurgical Engineering Occupations,Industrial Engineering Occupations,Agricultural Engineering Occupations,Marine Engineering Occupations,Nuclear Engineering Occupations,Drafters,Surveying/ Cartographic Occupations,Other Occupations In Architecture, Engineering, And Surveying.
EDURES-H1B Online Database (Occupations In Education & Research)
Occupations In College And University Education,Occupations In Secondary School Education,Occupations In Preschool, Primary School, And Kindergarten Education,Occupations In Education Of Persons With Disabilities,Home Economists And Farm Advisers,Occupations In Vocational Education, Other Occupations In Education
LIFE HLTH-H1B Online Database (Occupations In Life Sciences)
Occupations In Agricultural Sciences,Occupations In Biological Sciences,Occupations In Psychology,Other Occupations In Life Sciences
LANGUAGES-H1B (Occupations In Writing)
Writers,Editors: Publication, Broadcast, And ScriptOther Occupations In Writing
MATH & PHY SCI -H1B Online Database (Occupations In Mathematics And Physical Sciences)
Occupations In Mathematics,Occupations In Astronomy,Occupations In Chemistry,Occupations In Physics,Occupations In Geology,Occupations In Meteorology,Other Occupations In Mathematics And Physical Sciences
MEDICAL-H1B (Occupations In Medicine And Health)
Physicians And Surgeons,Osteopaths,Dentists,Veterinarians,Pharmacists,Registered Nurses,Therapists,Dieticians,Occupations In Medical And Dental Technology, Other Occupations In Medicine And Health
OTHER-H1B Online Database (OTHER Specialty Occupations as listed below)
 Occupations In Economics,Occupations In Political Science,Occupations In History,Occupations In Sociology,Occupations In Anthropology,Other Occupations In Social Sciences,Librarians,Archivists,Museum Curators And Related Occupations,Other Occupations In Museum, Library, And Archival Sciences,Lawyers,Judges,Other Occupations In Law And Jurisprudence,Clergy,Other Occupations In Religion And Theology,Commercial Artists: Designers And Illustrators, Graphic Arts,Environmental, Product, And Related Designers,Other Occupations In Art,Occupations In Music,Other Occupations In Entertainment And Recreation,Occupations In Social And Welfare Work,Miscellaneous Professional, Technical, And Managerial Occupations, Sales Promotion Occupations,Fashion Models.