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About H-1B Visa. Question most commonly asked by Career Services Centers of US Colleges and Universities. 
About On-line Databases & Pricing?  How can h1visajobs.com Online Databases help my international students?
Consulting/placement agencies  The biggest obstacle your international students on F-1/OPT face in their job search is locating a company open and willing to hire on OPT and subsequently file an H-1B petition so as to continue employment beyond OPT. 
Immigration Law firms   
Universities/Educational Centers    US universities and colleges have been subscribing to h1visajobs.com Online Databases year after year and assisting their international students. Click here to see a list of subscribing schools and a special section dedicated for you.
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About H-1B Visa  

  1. What is H-1B visa?

H-1B is a type of work visa/status granted to foreign professionals who are outside the US and those already in the US on non-immigrant visas such as F-1 (Student), F-1 OPT (Optional Practical Training), F-2 (Dependent of F-1), B-1 (Tourist on a business trip), B-2 (Tourist on a pleasure trip), H-4 (Dependent of H1), etc.

  1. What is the eligibility criteria for H-1B visa?

In order to qualify for an H-1B visa two conditions need to be satisfied as a minimum. (i) You should have educational qualification equivalent to a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in the US in the area related to the job being offered to you, and (ii) the job offered to you must be a specialty occupation which normally requires a baccalaureate degree, in the industry, to discharge duties.  However, the baccalaureate degree restriction is not applicable if the job being offered is that of a Fashion Model. Further details .

  1. I am currently on F-1 OPT. Should I hurry up and have my visa adjusted to an H-1B or is it OK to wait until it is about to expire?

You should quickly have your visa adjusted to an H-1B, or risk going out-of-status  in case H-1B quota runs out.  If your F-1 visa expires after the quota is exhausted, you may have to leave the country or have your status adjusted to another non-immigrant status which may or may not be approved by Immigration Office.

Our information is most authentic and reliable.  After all, the source is U.S. Federal Government – Guaranteed. 

  1. How long can I work in the U.S. on an H-1B visa?

Initially H-1B visa can be obtained for a maximum of 3 years.  However it may be extended by 3 more years.   Check with US Citizenship and Immigration site for further details.


  1. I am currently visiting the U.S. Can I have my visa changed to an H-1B so that I can work in the US?

Yes. However, you need an employer to sponsor you for an h1b visa.

  1. Can you tell me about working through agencies for fixing me up with a company in the U.S.? Is it legal?  What should I watch out for?

There are several consulting and placement agencies in the U.S. as well as outside, which may assist you in finding a job in the US.   Most of the agencies outside the US and some in the U.S. charge a fee for their services.  Their fee is several times higher than the  subscription fee that you pay to Washington Information Services (h1visajobs.com).  As a matter of fact, several of these agencies subscribe to h1visajobs.com Online Database of American Employers for International Professionals, to help themselves and help their clients like yourself.  

Watch out for illegal operations which are under investigation for fraud and illegal representations.  Do some research on the internet and check their background before advancing any money.  

In our opinion, you can quickly find a job in the U.S. on your own with the help of h1visajobs.com Online Database of American Employers for International Professionals.

 About On-line Databases and Cost?    

  1. Who can benefit from Online Database of American Employers for International Professionals at h1visajobs.com.

If you are a foreign professional in the US on a non-working visa such as F-1/F-2 (student), B-1/B-2 (tourist), H-4 (dependent), J-1 (exchange), and other types of visas, our on-line databases can help you find an employer to sponsor you on H-1B, or Green Card.

If you are a foreign professionals in the US on an H-1B visa, our on-line databases can help you find a better job with sponsorship for Green Card.

If you are running a consulting firm/placement firm/agency in the U.S. or abroad, our on-line information can help you expand your business in the US.

If you are with a law firm specializing in immigration matters and  desiring to quickly expand your legal practice, our information can help you increase your clientele by zeroing in on the employers which actually sponsor foreign professionals.

If you are with a university or a college placement center, our on-line information will be of tremendous help to you and your international students in finding jobs with sponsorship.

Educational (coaching) centers which prepare foreign graduates for ECFMG, NCLEX/RN, CGFNS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and other exams willing to provide placement assistance to their foreign students.  Make our on-line information available to your students “as an incentive to join your institution.”   Help yourself and your students.

  1. Can you tell me which Online Database is most suitable for me to subscribe to?

 Click here  for detailed answer.

  1. How much does it cost to buy subscription?

Click here for detailed answer.

  1. Can you guarantee that employers listed in Online Databases have current openings?

Please note that the employers listed in h1visajobs.com Online Databases were open and willing to sponsor foreign professionals in the recent past and actually filed paperwork to sponsor someone like yourself.  Therefore these employers are your best bet to contact.  Also, note that several of these employers have web sites with job openings posted on them which you can reach from within the Online Databases (after logging in).  However, please understand that it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that you “will” get a job with H-1B sponsorship. 

A word from the wise -The key is that your resume be in the pool of resumes with an establishment open and willing to sponsor foreign professionals. Why? American employers generally maintain a pool of resumes in their HR (Human Resource) files which they receive from various sources; whenever they have an opening they first go through those resume and consider suitable candidates for employment. 

  1. How reliable is the information given in the directories?

Our information is most authentic and reliable.  After all, the source is U.S. Federal Government – Guaranteed. 

  1. Can Washington Information Services give me a guarantee that I will get a job offer by using the directories?


  1. Can you describe the form and shape of information in h1visajobs.com Online Databases?


Consulting or a placement agencies  

  1. Can you suggest me how I can take best advantage of Online Databases? 

Our on-line directories are extremely useful to consulting and placement businesses in the U.S. and abroad.   The employers listed in our directories are open and willing to deal with foreign professionals.  Therefore you may market your services to these firms with focus for fruitful results.

In addition, the information listed in our On-line Databases includes salary offered to the beneficiary (foreign professional) in each visa application.  Therefore you know what is the approximate on-going salary in a given specialization that too within a state/city.  You can save thousands of dollars with the information given in the on-line directories

Immigration Law firms  

  1. Can you suggest me how I can take best advantage of h1visajobs.com Online Databases.

There may be scores of firms in your own city/state who sponsor foreign professionals but you are not aware of them.  By subscribing to H1visajobs Online Databases, you will precisely know which companies in your own city/state sponsor foreign professionals for H-1B visa and Permanent Residence.  You may contact them and quickly increase your revenues.

Universities/Educational Centers 

  1. How do h1visajobs.com Online Databases help universities, colleges, and educational centers?

The biggest obstacle an international student faces in his/her job search after graduation is locating a U.S. employer open and willing to entertain sponsoring.  Companies visiting campuses are primarily there to recruit U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents; unfortunately leaving out international students.  By subscribing to h1visajobs.com Online databases, you can efficiently help international students by letting them know which employers they ought to  contact for securing jobs with F-1 OPT leading to H-1B.  US universities and colleges have been subscribing, year after year, to h1visajobs.com Online Databases and assisting their international students. 

Click here to see a list of subscribing schools and a special section dedicated for you. 

How can I make the payment?  

  1. How can I make the payment?
    For your convenience we have provided several payment options.   
    (i)  Visa/MasterCard/American Express using Paypal.
    (ii) Visa/MasterCard/American Express using Paypal, Purchase Orders, and invoicing for universities/colleges.