About H1visajobs.com Online Databases.  How does it work?

What are H1visajobs.com Online Databases?
H1visajobs.com has a series of online databases that contain information on thousands of American firm all over the United States , in all disciplines that have actually offered H-1B jobs to international professionals. All information is gathered using the federal government’s statistics; therefore official and most authentic; guaranteed.

How does it work?
After you purchase your subscription to Online Database(s), H1visajobs.com will create and send you your password for logging into the database(s). Then, log into the subscribed database(s) and see invaluable information on your potentially sponsoring firms listed in the database(s), along with links and advanced search features to assist you find a job with sponsorship for H-1B visa.

Who should use H1visajobs.com?
H1visajobs.com is designed to assist international students attending US colleges/ universities and as well as foreign professionals all over the world in finding jobs with the opportunity for sponsorship. The site also contains information on immigration news, workshops, etc., which has proven to be quite helpful to foreign professionals, international students, and career services.

Why use H1visajobs.com?
By using h1visajobs.com online databases, you will be able to best help yourself by determining which employers you can target for employment for H-1B visa and Practical Training. Please keep in mind that the databases should be used as a tool to help identify companies. Please note that company presence on the site does not indicate that jobs or internship opportunities are readily available. To determine availability of positions, please reference company websites directly and apply accordingly.

How can I gain access to H1visajobs.com?
Access to Online Databases requires a password. Regular passwords will be provided to you with a paid subscription. Trial passwords are given, upon request, ONLY TO OFFICIALS OF CAREER SERVICES of colleges/universities in the US. To order your subscription, navigate to home page and follow appropriate links.

Universities and colleges – Pass on  your multi-user password to your internationals students for logging into the subscribed Online Databases.

Please send any inquiries to: customercare@h1visajobs.com.

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All our information is geared for quickly reaching H1B friendly employers and securing jobs with sponsorship. In today’s world of information age what you need to be successful is information, knowledge, and how to use them.  H1visajobs.com is all about that.