Washington Information Services
(A Division of KCS International, Inc.) 
Stafford, VA USA.

We know what American companies need.  We know what international students/professionals (in the U.S. and abroad) need.   We are the bridge.

Washington Information Services, A division of KCS International, Inc., is a Washington DC based information technology firm.  Since the company began its operation 1989, its main focus has been to help international professionals find employment in the U.S., and also to assist U.S. firms recruit qualified international professionals on H-1B, H-1A, Permanent Residence (Green Card) visa.   Washington Information Services has always been a bridge between foreign professionals and American employers

Database content have been developed to help land a job with H-1B sponsorship using over 29 years of extensive experience of the principal of H1visajobs.com, Mr. Fed Kollaram

Mr. Fred Kollaram
Member National Career Development Association. 
President & Founder, H1visajobs.com


Incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA  Date of Incorporation: February 1989

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